Malygos Weekly: Flipping Surge Needle Rings

8 04 2010

I’ve been really busy with life in the last few weeks. I haven’t been in game at all so I let the blog slide a bit… Sorry!
I did manage to get in for an hour or so last night for a quick VOA-25 and some AH cleanup. 

I asked in guild and was delighted to find out that Malygos is the weekly raid quest this week.  I have no intention of joining a Malygos PUG but that won’t stop me from making a few gold on those that do. 

Malygos is generally difficult to PUG and has the worst risk/reward ratio in Wrath.  In other words people simply don’t run it unless it’s the weekly raid quest. 

In other words on the weeks that Malygos is the weekly raid quest you are likely to see an abundance of underpriced Surge Needle Rings on the AH. 

Yesterday I picked up one for 460 and another for 480.  I reposted one at 700 and it sold while I was in VOA.  A quick 185 gold profit after you take into account the AH cut.

A few months ago we had back to back Malygos weeks and I picked up a half a dozen for 300 gold and flipped them over the last months for between 1,200 and 700 gold.





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